Chris Who?

So, I was just updating some social media junk with a brief one liner about “who I am” and realized I couldn’t really capture it in a one liner as my life is inspired by SOOOO many unrelated things.

I was going in circles trying to rewrite the same third-person version of… Christopher Spiewak is an Architectural Designer & Creative Entrepreneur blah blah blah… that I’ve been using on the web for years.

But it finally came together when I found this original, un-abridged profile summary I wrote years ago for my ancient Myspace profile. It’s a rambling expressive jumble but still does a better job describing “who I am” than anything else out there.

My life has evolved since then but so much of what shapes and inspires me remains the same…

Photo of Christopher Spiewak playing the guitar and smiling in Boulder Colorado.

Christopher Spiewak: Who I am…

I love snowboarding, yoga, rock climbing, biking, surfing, skateboarding, running, swimming, kayaking, backpacking, ADVENTURE, etc. I love ARCHITECTURE, design, building, creating, technology, business, and ALL their interrelated possibilities! I love MUSIC, songwriting, live shows (especially the low key up close singer songwriter shows). I love CREATIVE anything. I love ART in its endless forms. I love FLYING (especially when I’m the pilot). I love great food, preferably VEGAN, organic, healthy and as harm-free for all as possible (planet, people, animals, etc). I love LEARNING and there’s SO much to learn about EVERY freakin thing! I want to improve at WHO I am, WHAT I am, HOW I am. I love to do nothing, ok not nothing but SIMPLE stuff, like just sitting on the sidewalk eatin a burrito listening to some random play the guitar. I dig MOVIES, especially when snuggled up in a giant pile of pillows, blankets and cookies!! I DIG TRUTH! SIMPLE PURE STRAIGHT OUT EXACTLY AS IT IS UN-SUGARCOATED TRUTH! I love true FRIENDS and spontaneous trips and insane roller coasters and random cookouts and NEW faces and OLD faces and real LOVE and amazing sex and long NAPS and 3 day sleepless charrettes cause my mind is so sucked into the moment or thought or project or idea I just can’t stop. Kinda like this list. I love People with integrity. People striving to be more than they are. People who stand UP for what matters, for what’s right, for what they believe in. People trying to do something they never have because they know someday they definitely will! The ones that never give up! The honest ones, the real ones. The ones with heart and passion and insane crazy dreams! The true friends, the kind hearts, the goofy laughing beautiful simple smiles I hope to never be without.

In other words I love life!!


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