A Plant Based Life 🍎

I feel like I shouldn’t let this month go by without acknowledging the fact that it marks TWENTY YEARS living a Plant Based (mostly Vegan) life.

In the middle of a world pandemic and national protests it seems like an irrelevant thing to share but at the very heart of Veganism is the very core of non-violence, something we all need a lot more of right now.

Along the way I’ve seen that there’s simply no way to ignore the suffering, pay for the slaughter and eat the violence that perpetuates (the very system of) such brutality, without becoming more of the same.

In the current world chaos I wonder…

Is an officer treating one color more brutally than another really any different than nuzzling your beloved pet in one hand while you dine on an equally worthy being in the other?

Clearly NO, they are both fundamentally unjust!!

But we’re human, we can justify anything. We have been justifying unjustifiable behaviors for generations, BUT just because something has always been, does not mean it should always be!

We have to start with our own choices. Mine aren’t perfect but I am really proud (really grateful) that most of my choices for the past twenty years have not supported the violence.

There are probably few choices in my life that have affected more positive change in my life (and in the lives of those I’ve touched) more than the choice to stop eating animals.

I could share infinite stories of plant based transformations; Stories of lives changed, bodies healed, souls uplifted, families restored, communities inspired, children fed, animals saved, races won, events launched, futures revived and so much more.

But really, I know all that matters is that I keep trying to show up, without judgment, to meet the world exactly where it is, in hopes that sharing some of what has inspired and transformed my life, might inspire and transform some of those lives (maybe yours?) too!

I truly believe the best of humanity lies ahead of us and hope that someday, we will all stop fueling the violence among ourselves, in part when we choose to stop feeding the violence within ourselves.

Much love. 💙

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