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Follow Your Heart – Quote of the day [146]

Boston Marathon Bombings

We can fear more, distrust more, despair more, despise more, regulate more or face the fact that deep down the bomber(s) likely went far too long without the love, kindness, care and community that could have guided their hearts in a different direction. People aren’t born lost, suffering, deranged, misguided, murderous, they lose their way, along the way. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a “hello” that can transform someone’s day, week, life. So reach out to people. The strangers, the neighbors, the ones you would typically avoid. Especially the lonely, lost, sad, quiet, shy, introverted, isolated, awkward ones. They need our love, care, kindness, friendship and community the most. We are the ones who shape this world. Our actions matter. It’s not us against them. It’s us. Period. We have to be to the world what we want the world to be. I love you Boston. I miss you Boston. Gahhh this stuff breaks my heart.

Boston Marathon Bombing Love

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I Love You!

Dear World,

I love you. To everyone I don’t tell enough, I LOVE YOU. To everyone I’ve ever laughed with, I love you! To everyone that has been there for me through good and bad, I love you. For every late night phone call, early morning hike, soul saving hug, day changing smile, psyched high-five, heart breaking lesson, teary eyed goodbye, understanding empathy, wise guidance, brilliant advice and authentic reflection, inspiring conversations, spontaneous road trips, afternoon tea and holiday meals, for every thoughtful little nothing, whether a randomly fun moment a million years ago or for going above and beyond all the time, for anyone that has showed me that they care, that I matter, I love you.

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Being Beautiful – Quote of the day [139]

This one goes out to my dear friend Noëlle. She shared this quote with me just a week ago but this morning I saw the beautiful irony of it as she fretted about her scraped up external appearance following the 2nd day of her post bike-crash reality…. Tied to intravenous lines, cardiac monitors, pumps, drains, medicines, pain killers, internal bleeding, bruised, broken, dislocated, swollen, scraped, black-eyed, and hurting she was worrying about “not looking beautiful.” I couldn’t help but smile, knowing that to myself and to everyone around her, beautiful is exactly what her huge heart, big smile, and uplifting spirit already look like.

So I’m sending this one back to you pigtails……


“Being beautiful is more than how many people you can get to look at you, or how others perceive you at a single glance. It’s about what you live for. It’s about what defines you. It’s about the depth of your heart, and what makes you unique. It’s about being who you are and living out your life honestly. It’s about those little quirks that make you, you. People who are only attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won’t stay by your side forever. But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you.” –Mark & Angel

beauty on the outside comes from the inside

P.S. Know that we’ll all be here for you through the worst of this because you freakin rock! Thank you for the reminder that…. “Beautiful People Do Not Just Happen.”


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Quote of the day [130]


I used to think a “soulmate” was someone I was destined to spend my life with. Someone I was intrinsically bound to with an infinite love, depth and connection that would simply transcend life and space and time (and arguments). But I learned through losing such a love, that a soulmate isn’t necessarily someone you spend your life with but rather, someone who, through good or bad, changes your very soul for life.

Through the deepest love and the darkest betrayal, my soulmate taught me the hardest, most lasting lessons of my life. And for that, I am forever grateful – x

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Quote of the day [122]

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