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Take Back Your Power!

I just found this email I sent to a dear friend a few years back as she was suffering through the pain of a loveless relationship and feeling deeply lost in her life. I’m posting it here in hopes it may help some of you too. – Christopher Spiewak


First…. I LOVE YOU!

Second…. Everything that is happening, is just happening. It’s meaning, its worth, its hurt, its chaos, its whatever you feel about it is being defined by YOU (not the situation). What you’re feeling is NOT something external. Not to discount the situation or everything that is happening as irrelevant, it’s not, but the point is… TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! Stop trying to find a way to turn the crumbs of the past into a meal in the future.

What do YOU want!?! How do you want to feel?! What would be the most compelling spectacular future you could imagine for yourself?! Do that. Be that. Live that. Maybe (likely, unquestionably) that complete compelling reality will take a LOT of work to manifest but just being on that path, that direction, towards your spectacular future will LIFT UP your present! And really, that’s the whole point… a better NOW.

The answers for the rest of everything you’re distressed about will become SO CLEAR when you know what you want. When you’ve committed to make it happen no matter what!! Everything that you think is the cause of the problems is NOT the problem. Every possible reason, story, excuse you can possibly rationalize as to WHY your situation is the way it is and/or why it can’t be the way you want is bullshit. ALL OF IT. Because it’s all about one thing, YOU. Your choices, Your fear, Your past, Your story, Your excuses!

Why are you playing so small? Why are you playing the victim to your own life?! How many days, months, years, decades are you gonna keep waking up to the same misery!? THIS IS YOUR LIFE!! And even [your son] who deserves everything you could possibly imagine for him can not come between YOU and YOU making YOUR life amazing for him! Know what I mean?!

Be. Do. Have.

Being starts with getting clear. Not moving crumbs of the past about the table. Start with the imagined. The amazing. The spectacular unrealized future that will, at just the thought of it, make your hair stand on end! Then work on BEING the person, the mom, the spirit it takes to be congruent with that possibility. It’s kinda crazy. You’ll have a vision that won’t even be possible as the person you are now but if that vision is compelling enough, it will literally shape you, lead you, transform you into the very person that will make that future a reality.

I guess the point of all this is THINK BIG, ACT HUGE, and move from Love, not fear. Your heart already knows EXACTLY what it needs. Stop for a minute (with just you) and listen to it. Go to [favorite place] leave your phone in the car and just walk through the woods. Just walk. It will all be so clear.

Third…. I LOVE YOU.

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What was GREAT (about what sucked) this year!?!

December 19th 2010

“Hey You! Yeah You!” ….the inspiring speaker asked…. “What was GREAT about your year?”

Well, the year’s not over yet but when I look back on it all, there’s SO MUCH, SO GREAT, that I am literally overwhelmed with the number of AMAZING moments that flood through my memory. From the smallest gems of everyday contentment to the greatest moments of personal and professional joy, success, adventure, laughter, empowerment, growth, music, food, and friendship! I am utterly without words for the amount of “GREAT” in my year (well except maybe for some of these words here ;)

If connection, alone, was all I had to be thankful for this year, well then this year was the greatest year of my life!! The sheer VOLUME of LOVE from those in my life, both old and new, brings tears of gratitude to my eyes!  I have the most amazing empowering, loving, caring, giving, thoughtful, genuine, creative, inspired, friends (and family) in the world! And thankfully that VOLUME of LOVE is only expanding, exponentially!

But what was TRULY GREAT about my year was in fact, the parts that were truly NOT great. That likely makes no sense (unless you’ve been reading this blog) but essentially what I’m saying is that what was GREAT this year was realizing that every single dark or difficult moment (no matter how, painful, unwelcome, or unjust) was overflowing with a brilliant lesson, an unseen opportunity, a new perspective, a brighter option or an entirely new path forward to a more fufilling, empowered, balanced, congruent, abundantly amazing life!

Intellectually I’ve known this forever but to know, and to act on what you know (consistently), are two entirely different things. Thankfully the intensity of my experiences this year have fused knowing and acting into an embodied and instantaneous response, to the worst of any experience, that begins with the question… “WHAT IS AMAZING about this?!”

It may sound pollyannish but when you’re consistently searching for the AMAZING in the awful (or even in the negligibly disagreeable) you begin to instinctively see, find and experience AMAZING in everything. It’s incredible! Suddenly the worst experiences in your entire life are pure abundant gift! Suddenly you KNOW there’s always an UP side! In fact there are always MULTIPLE UP sides! In fact there’s so much UP in the downs that the downs are freakin AWESOME!

The “What’s Amazing…” question is so empowering that before you know it you’ll be looking back on your year and asking not, “What was great about this year” but rather, “What was great about what sucked this year!?!  It’s a question and response that will likely be more uplifting than the parts of your year that actually were great!  So I have to ask (and hopefully you’ll want to share your response in the comments below)… what was GREAT (about what sucked) for YOU this year?!

There’s always an UP side! In fact there are always MULTIPLE UP sides! In fact there’s so much UP in the downs that the downs are freakin AWESOME!

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