A metaphor for life!

I remember a college running coach who used to say “ATTACK THE HILLS” because they’re always gonna be harder and you’ll never make up for the time you lose.

It just hit me that THAT is a brilliant metaphor for life! At least for my life. As I think for years I’ve been walkin the hills in life while bullshitting myself into believing I’ll run them later.

I’ve been subconsciously thinking I’d make up for my lack of discipline, focus, mastery, etc in the future. But when the future comes I’m still walkin, or at best sprinting the flats and buying a book about running the hills.

But clearly those areas where I constantly fumble and fail are the areas where I truly need to play full out! Those are the areas I need to give all my will, all my strength, all my integrity, all my heart, all the time! Those are the areas that are always gonna be harder, that are always gonna challenge me.

Those are my hills and it’s time to ATTACK!!


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