I used to think I was a serial procrastinator, but I came to realize that I was just serially distracted! I’m often reading A when i should be working on B, I’m working on B when I should be researching C, I’m researching C when I should be preparing for D and I’m preparing for E when I should be reading A.

The fact I’m captivated by infinite, pursuits, subjects, projects, goals and interests has certainly magnified my personal and professional capacity, abilities, knowledge, experience, etc. but in the same breath the ongoing lack of daily CLARITY has in many ways diminished my longer term goals & accomplishments.

Surprisingly I’ve held an almost secret pride about perpetually doing a million things at once but I’ve intentionally been trying to vanquish that foolishness by consistently defining with massive clarity the most life fulfilling outcomes I’d like to create, achieve and experience every day. The more clarity and focus I live with the more I see the things that are taking away from that empowering experience and clearly one of the most consistent distractions, that just hit me smack dead in the obvious, was my email.

Sure there are tons of methods for dealing with email, junk mail, spam, etc but at the end of the day I was still wasting a massive amount of time every day just deleting email. It occurred to me that 95% of it wasn’t true spam but email from legitimate companies just marketing their business. Legitimate companies that would actually remove me from their mailing lists if I just clicked the “UNSUBSCRIBE” button.

I clicked one, then two, then a few hundred in under a week. HOW did I not think of this earlier?!?! Not only have I saved a massive amount of time not having to filter through email (to get to my email) but I’ve saved an gigantic amount of life energy from not even being presented with the links to endless news, blogs, products, places, discounts, etc. that would magically distract me from what actually mattered each day!

If you’re anything like me, you may ironically NOT want to unsubscribe from a lot of your email offers but if you’re anything like me I can tell you that clicking the unsubscribe button will dramatically free up your focus to remain on your focus!

Good luck :)


P.S. Never click unsubscribe on sketchy, untrusted emails or it will likely just magnify your spam!

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