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As I read through many of the posts on this WordPress Blog, I see an authentic reflection and deeply personal expression of life, love, truth, suffering, inspiration and growth as I’ve experienced it.

It’s writing that I’m sure has a place (maybe even a need) in the world but at the moment I’ve got to admit, it feels a bit heavy.

Thankfully, my life goes on outside of this blog in a lighter and more frequent expression too. So if you’d like to see more of that (and less of this), click on over to my Tumblr blog at… [Christopher-Spiewak-Boulder].

It captures a more consistent glimpse of life in less words and more photos from my active Twitter and Instagram accounts! That “Other Blog” has sorta of evolved into a personal favorite, if only for the photos :)

Anyways, I’ve already rambled too much when all I wanted to do was share that link.

Happy September!

Christopher Spiewak Boulder Blog Tumblr

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