The true definition of Freedom:

Freedom doesn’t mean liberty. Ironically, even with all your liberties taken away, you still possess the only one true freedom. Freedom doesn’t mean equality. Shamefully, the most free places in the world still perpetuate the greatest racism, sexism and speciesism. Freedom doesn’t mean justice. Sadly, the most unjust outcomes are often cast upon the most undeserving free people of the world. Freedom doesn’t mean without pain, without suffering, without sadness, without loss.

Freedom means one thing, the ability to choose. Not the ability to choose a red car or blue, a soup or sandwich, the city or suburbs but to choose the meaning in any experience, situation or outcome. True Freedom is in fact that and only that.  Freedom is not liberty, equality or justice. Freedom is not good or bad, right or wrong, poor or rich, man or woman, American, Russian, African, Iraqi or Asian.  It’s not left or right, up or down, Democrat or Republican.

Freedom is the ability to choose your meaning. The meaning of your life. The meaning in your life.  The meaning of everything you experience. If you are Alive, you are Free. So Happy 4th of July Humanity!  I hope that no matter where you are, no matter what you’re experiencing, no matter how unjust, unequal, or without liberty you may be, that you find a way to choose an uplifting meaning for your life!

Much love.

New York City Empire State Building 4th Of July

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