People often ask me (regarding my financially stuck design/build project) When do you give up? When do you let go? When do you move on? When do you run out of time?  I often don’t know how to respond as no explanation offered seems to ever truly convey the boundless reasons in my heart for not giving up (let alone the more practical personal, professional & financial reasons at the foundation of it all).

But running out of time is inevitable without the capital to complete the project.  But WHEN?  Well, it likely should’ve fallen apart 3+ years ago when the economy first began to tank but that “boundless reason” inspired me to find a way, no matter what. The effort paid off as through the worst of it I manifested some of my greatest successes and transformed the house from a crumbling historic disaster into a spectacularly reconstructed modern/historic shell.  Now the interior awaits an equally exceptional finish.

But the clock is ticking.  Or, well, it was.  I’m not one for contrived superstitions but it appeared an ominous sign to awake this weekend to find my wall clock, DEAD.  I changed the batteries, DEAD. I tinkered with the clock mechanism, DEAD. I tried it all again.  DEAD.  My clock really stopped working. Time really ran out. Three minutes after midnight.

Doesn’t mean anything right?  Or the meaning is mine to give right?  Ahhh either way my clock is dead and my house/project is stuck (on the edge of death).  It hit me that changing the batteries over and over is much like the everything over and over i’ve been trying with this house.  It’s not gonna work.  It’s dead.  But i’m not gonna throw out my clock (it’s too cool & sentimental) and i’m not gonna throw out my house/project (it’s too everything), so the solution is simple… Restart The Clock!

How?  Put a whole new “clock” in my clock.  I’m literally gonna disassemble the frame and install a new electronic clock mechanism in the clock frame.  Aka…. stop focusing on the action and get my eyes back on my outcome, in this case, my awesome clock working!  With the house it’s way more complicated but the same basic idea.  Throw the action plan in the trash and start fresh focused on my true outcome… Completing the house at an exceptional level of design, craftsmanship and attention to detail!  I know what. I know why. I just need a new HOW!

Such an inspiring metaphor (for me). The batteries aren’t dead, I just need to rip the “clock” right the hell out of this thing and start from scratch!  And it begins NOW :))

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