“Manifesting the impossible is the inevitable for those too relentless to recognize any other outcome.”Christopher Spiewak

I’m not talking about manifesting double rainbows or building time machines (then again some guy actually built a rainbow-machine so the flux-capacitor may be closer than I think :) but those words start swelling through me whenever I find myself in a place where the outcome I imagine just doesn’t seem possible. Especially when I can still see and feel that impossible outcome so fully in my heart and mind and soul.

I feel that way in this moment. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, I don’t know where , I just know that no matter how impossible I will find a way. I will make a way. Even if every bit of rational logic in the universe has conceded defeat, it still can not persuade the rest of me to give in. There are a 10,000 reasons I should’ve failed 10,000 times by now. I have stumbled and fallen, humbled and battered but i know with every breath in me, there is still a way. – x

Awesome Double Rainbow!

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