No matter how much is amazing in our lives, somedays, no matter how we add them up, are just OFF. The past week has been that way for me. Nothing particularly awful, just lots of little things that added up to feeling stressed and de-energized. This morning highlighted the trivial disasters, when opening the front door to my office building i spilled this HUGE container of fresh fruit and granola (organic raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, mango, pineapple, seeds, nuts and coconut milk yogurt) onto the ground.

I likely could have salvaged some of it, but most was instantly mashed into the dirt and concrete. Not much I could do but sweep it into the trash and go on with my day. On a “better” day, I may have quickly found the amazing in it, heck i may have even found a laugh in it, but in that moment, the cap to a week of feeling off, there was nothing amazing about it. My awesome meal was dashed from existence and I was left feeling bummed, stressed… and hungry.

Hours later, I was still in a funk. It was really beginning to bug me. I was thinking… this is ridiculous. I have no reason to NOT be feeling awesome, but I felt crappy. Again, I thought I know this stuff. The fix is easy. “Physiology & Focus!” So, I turned up the music, slammed a ton of lemon water, jumped around, took some deep breaths, sat up straight and put my mind, focus, work back on what mattered, got a ton accomplished and……………. Voila! …………….I still felt like junk.

Thankfully, soon after, I got a little bit of unexpected help. As I was rushing out the door for a mid-day meeting, I was struck with the sight of a fat belly, wide eyed squirrel sitting by the door happily munching away on the remnants of my long-lost breakfast! It’s hard to explain how awesome that was! It filled me with instant total unexpected grateful happiness! I was psyched to see my misfortune made his day! And even more psyched to be reminded that there is ALWAYS something amazing in every single moment of life!


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