The sun is big. Traversing it can transform. ☀️

A year ago tonight was a different time. A different place. A different life. A different me. It hurt to breathe. I was twisted up beyond description, suffering through a relationship that lingered on long after it should have. I was too broken to say no (and stick to it). It seemed impossible at the time. The love was so capricious and misleading that even the sweetest moments were still rooted in sadness. I didn’t know what to believe. It simply wore me bare. Too many months of it. I wanted to end. A few months later I nearly did.

<Insert wake up call here>

Smiling, endlessly. I never want the days to end! Even in this moment when I’m exhausted beyond comprehension, I still don’t want the day to stop! I want to do more, be more, learn more, give more, grow more, create more, everything more. And my days are already so full, so good! I am blessed with amazing work, community, friendships, health and so much amazing awesomeness I can’t even put it into words!! I’m the busiest, most productive, creative, and independently happy I have ever been! And I’ve barely even scratched the surface of what’s possible.

This last “Trip Around The Sun” has condensed more life and growth and lessons into its 365 days than the previous decade combined! Truly I am beyond blessed, beyond grateful, and infinitely thankful to be able to say to myself, at least one more time…. “Happy Birthday Chris.”


Sunrise Photo - 80304

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