The beauty of unwelcome experiences is they have SOOOO much to teach us! A few lessons brought to life for me this week include…..

1> Don’t mix friends & business.

2> Slow to hire quick to fire!

3> Miscommunication is inevitable without written agreements.

4> Trust your gut and don’t rationalize or minimize another person’s inappropriate behavior!

5> Never hesitate to speak the truth and/or to call someone out on their bullshit.… just don’t do it in an email when you’re pissed off.

6> No matter how low they go, don’t respond in kind… Hold the high ground and keep true to your own character & integrity!  Believe me it feels so much better to know you did everything in your power to create a positive empowering outcome despite how reprehensible or irrational they may be acting!

Bonus Lesson of the week….

7> You never know when some drunk distracted texting rolling death machine (or sweet girl just not paying attention) is gonna take a last second left in front of you so WEAR YOUR SEATBELT it will save your freakin life!

Chris Crash

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