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Hard Earned Wisdom

[Christopher Spiewak] September 1st 2010

WHOA it’s September 1st!! And that makes the past 12 months truly the most unbelievable year of my life! Last September 1st I was moving. I packed my home, I packed my stuff but apparently I didn’t pack my heart because that new start didn’t really begin until I moved again 5 months later.

Truly it’s taken a year to realize with clarity, the meaning, purpose and lessons in everything that transpired. It’s honestly surreal to feel so much gratitude for such a painful experience. I may have always known intellectually that there were lessons to learn but it took actually living though it and ultimately growing far beyond it before it all became profoundly clear.

I guess the point in all this is to suggest that if you ever find yourself in a difficult or challenging situation, especially a truly painful or overwhelming one, just keep on moving forward and have faith in the fact that it may take a while for the lessons to unfold. Also, be sure to have plenty of patience in the timing because if your experience was as painful as mine it may take a while to really heal to the point where there is enough of YOU at hand to truly embody your hard earned wisdom.

Wherever your at in your life… Much Love.

Chris Spiewak Fortune

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  1. 1 Sep 2010 at 2:46 pm

    So true. I went through an experience several years ago that threw my entire life into chaos. At the time I was depressed, exhausted and completely lost, but now that I’m through it I can see that it was the starting point for a very amazing learning journey! I just wish in the painful moments we are able to be more open to the idea that we’re learning something and stay positive!


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