One of my favorite quotes is something to the effect of… “I’ve had many troubles in my life, most of which never happened.”

I love the concept which implies not wasting your time worrying about outcomes that may never even happen! But it isn’t easy to do is it!? Even for those of us focused mostly on the positive, mostly on the how of manifesting what we desire, it’s still easy to get wrapped up in fearing the worst-case scenarios.

I’m doing this myself at the moment. Not on the worst-case outcomes of some life changing event but on something much less significant, that I simply do not want to happen… the permanent loss of my mini sketchbook :/

It’s not a substantial volume but its pages capture the random daily download of my thoughts, ideas, creations, to-dos, sketches, anything and everything. Very personal, very creative, very, well, mine.

There are still a few places I haven’t looked but I’m so worried it’s gone I can’t seem to focus on much else. I fear I’ve lost months of irreplaceable sculpture sketching. I fear that my “amazing” ideas, sketches and back-burner projects will be stolen by the person that finds it. I fear that my personal notes, thoughts, journaling will be no longer personal. I fear that I will forget the best of what was only recorded there. I fear that I have in fact lost what I do not want to lose.

I am rarely focused on the negative and will even actively search for the positive in the worst of outcomes but at the moment I’m failing woefully at this. So despite all the potential positive (less negative) ways this could still resolve, I’m still stuck on the thinking the worst and wishing IT NEVER HAPPENED.

So people tell me… How do you overcome the troubles that are only in your head and NOT focus on that which “…never happened!?!”

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