Christopher Spiewak: The Second Half

What is this shameless self-promotion about Christopher Spiewak? Are you kidding me? Am I really speaking about myself in the 3rd Person? Did I really just put a link to this blog, in this blog?!? Yup.

It has a lot to do with The First Half of the year. Or maybe the 1st month of the year. Or maybe really, actually, entirely, The Second Half of 2009. What a horribly heartbreaking nightmare. Thankfully though, as with all nightmares, we eventually wake up and go on smiling with our day! Ok maybe in this case it really wasn’t that simple. It was more like waking from a nightmare only to realize that I was actually sleep driving my car, at night, into a tree…. SLAM!!

Outcome?!… Basically permanently crippled for life. Outlook?!…. pretty psyched anyhow! Yeah I could spend all day wishing I’d done things differently but sometimes “differently” is only an option in hindsight. Sometimes, we simply don’t realize how sleepy we are when we get in the car and once were out there, lost and weary, the way back (or the way out) is no longer visible. Sometimes it really takes crashing full speed into a tree before we earn the perspective we need to find our way out… fully humbled, heartbroken and one leg short.

So truly, I am so thankful to have received this THOROUGHLY UNWELCOME news today because it brings some closure to the process and wraps up The First Half right on time!! I “lost a leg” but gained a life. It means July 1st forward, The Second Half, is ever further a new beginning! It means 5am running mountain trails howling hands to the sky in exponential bliss beneath the sunrise of the Colorado foothills. It means a renewed focus to manifest the impossible. And SOOO much is still possible.

God I love my life!!


Image: Chris & Friends dancing in the road!

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