I’ve been a technology geek for as long as I can remember.  I love the digital, the wired, the ridiculously nerdy tech!  I love the infinite applications you can run or create or apply to the idea or problem at hand.  I love being able to research whatever, whoever, whenever, wherever (within reason of course ;)   I love having 10,000 songs and 10,000 photos in my pocket!  I love being able to see and share instantly with friends and family. I love being able to tweak code to make software do what I want (well, some of the time anyhow).  I love how second-nature technology is throughout my life but at the end of the day I still miss the feel and intangible texture of everything not digital.  I still walk around with a little notebook and two pens.  I still write letters by hand.  I still read printed books and hang photos on my walls.  I still love the sound of a cello before me to speakers above me.  I still cherish the experience of an old faded photo or textured old painting to their flawless digital counterparts.  Oh and ohh how much do I still love (and miss) hand written letters. There’s simply nothing like holding a page in your hands threaded with the words of someone you care for.  Often covered with the smears and smudges, sand and smells, tenor and tears of the person who wrote it.  I’ve saved so many of them over the years. Post cards, love letters, the tiniest little nothings that hold a timeless (in)tangible quality that is simply unmatched by all things digital.

Christopher Spiewak Blog Letter

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