June 21st 2010.

It is ASTONISHING to me that the Summer Solstice is upon us. It seems just moments ago I was tumbling through knee deep snow at Chatauqua but here it is, the LONGEST day of the year (and official 1st day of summer)! I’ve truly loved this year. Despite the worst experiences I have ever known, I have still been blessed with an EVER deeper gratitude for the littlest gems in every breath of life.

Though it seems I spend most of my days/nights/hours before this computer screen, the moments in between are enraptured with the smell of summer flowers, sweet trees, and afternoon rain drying out of the bark and bugs and pine needles in the sun. I love the pace alone, the little moments from step to step, through the trees or streets or wildflowers.  I love just sitting by the creek, barefoot in the sun. I love the calm of tea and books and rocking on the swings as the sun goes down.  I love the smile that overtakes me as I walk by the toddlers playing in the fountain. I love that what truly matters, matters and what never did, no longer does.

I love the days getting longer even as they ironically, on this 1st day of summer, begin again to get shorter. I love realizing that no matter how long (or short), full (or empty) the day, that I at last appreciate it all without expectation. No plans, no money, nobody, just me and this overwhelming gratitude for this day, this summer, this life.  –  x

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