I can not for the life of me put into words how profoundly, deeply and entirely I miss, love and hope for this little one. He taught me more about life & love & family than anyone I’ve ever known. The story of why he’s no longer in my life is immeasurably painful but I wouldn’t trade the worst of it for a single day without him. He was truly the greatest part of my year (Jan2009-Jan2010). Today’s his 3rd birthday. I’ll likely never see him again. It still breaks my heart every single day. Every day. So much love for you little man. I miss your super excited laugh. I miss hearing every new word. I miss playing at the pool and the park and lifting you out of your crib in the morning. I miss finding your shoes, crackers and half eaten apples in my printer. I miss watchin batman & makin you toast. I miss you so profoundly much I simply can not put it into words. But I will always be infinitely grateful for all you taught me.

To the future and for the past…”bump – peace – holla!”

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