I know I’ve been working way too much when my automatic internal response to some mishap in real life (like knocking over a cup of tea) is “Command-Z!” I can’t help but laugh at how intensely my brain repeats “undo, undo, undo” as the tea spills out over my desk.

No matter how illogical, some spot in my brain is actually wondering WHY it’s not working?! Ohh but how sweet it would be right?!  Command-Z oil-spill, Command-Z business-deal, Command-Z bike-crash, Command-Z life-choice, Command-Z relationship.

Ohhh, if there were ever a year I’d like to Command-Z it would be this one. Well not all of it of course but maybe just those few foolish choices that added up to some profoundly painful lessons. Though I suppose those lessons are really the whole point of this life… not something to be undone but something to learn from.

Just like the tea, once it’s spilled all you can really do is wipe it up, put on a fresh pot and enjoy (though ideally with a little extra honey in a more stable cup than the last).

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